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VIDEO CLIPS :: Editors and photographers discuss the future of photojournalism
During the Eighties and Nineties, news photographers were given access to monumental photo ops: the collapse of the Soviet Union, the end of apartheid, the AIDS plague, the Gulf War... all of which have added dramatic, life-altering images to the annals of photojournalism.

The images collected here are testimony to the power of photographs to inform and move viewers. In this section, you will also be able to hear Newsweek photo editor Sarah Harbutt talk about the impact of Kevin Carter's iconic image of a vulture stalking a starving Sudanese child; The New York Times Magazine photo editor Kathy Ryan discussing Sebastião Salgado and his "truly unique eye and extraordinary news sense"; picture editor James Colton talking about the joys of a photo editor and how he was privileged to watch the blossoming of such great talents as Pete Turnley and James Nachtwey from the beginning of their careers; and other industry heavyweights like photo agent Marcel Saba, Corbis vice president of creative services Peter Howe, photographers David Turnley and Antonin Kratochvil, and Zing.com editor-in-chief Karen Mullarkey talking about the power of photography and the future of photojournalism.

FORUM :: Enter your comments on these images and photography in our forum
While each of these people have their own opinions about what constitutes a great image, all agree that good photography speaks to our humanity, often by making us confront the inhumanity lurking in our midst, other times by putting us in the shoes of those struggling against impossible odds, and occasionally by simply affirming everyday triumph of the human spirit.

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