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VIDEO:: Nik Kleinberg on the future of sports photography
The enormity of the moment has a great deal to do with the greatness of sports, as Nik Kleinberg of ESPN the Magazine will attest to in a video/audio clip on this site. "My single favorite sports action photo is of Michael Jordan's last game," Kleinberg explains. "We were well aware of Jordan's ability to win games at the last minute. Which is why we had ample cameras shooting wide to be able to capture the moment in the faces of the crowd." This ability to conjure up, in an instant, the incredible events surrounding a memorable moment is what truly makes a great sports photo.

In addition, sports photography can also be a celebration of the human qualities of athletes. Take, for example, Bruce Bennett's candid locker room shot of an angelic 18-year-old Wayne Gretzky before becoming a big star, and a photo by Paul Bereswill, in which Gretzky, surrounded by his New York Ranger teammates and overcome with emotion, shows more than hockey fans why he is called The Great One. "I just love the gothic feel of the image of Gretzky in the lockerroom side by side with the image of his last game," say Kleinberg. "He's portrayed as a true man amongst boys."

Photographer Heinz Kluetmeier, and Zing.com editor-in-chief Karen Mullarkey are also featured in this section, speaking about the perfect sports moments and what makes them truly memorable. Enter this site and see Sam Forencich's airborne and horizontal Dennis Rodman leaping into the crowd for a loose ball; Tony Duffy's shot of John McEnroe celebrating his first Wimbledon victory, and Dwight Clark's infamous playoff catch against the Dallas Cowboys, captured at the perfect moment in a photo by Walter Iooss Jr. These and so many more sports moments taken from the last 20 years and highlighted here capture all of the feeling and emotion of the moment, even if you couldn't be there to witness it firsthand.

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