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Karbala, Iraq: 22-year-old Sgt. Brud J. Cronkrite, 1-37 Armor, 1st A.D., from California is carried by medics during a dust storm to a Medevac helicopter. He was taken for treatment after a tiny piece of shrapnel entered his brain as his unit secured a building near the Mukaiyam Mosque. He died of his wounds on May 14, 2004.

Later, a memorial web page would be made for Sgt. Cronkrite. An excerpt:

Brud, today would be your birthday. I remember how sad I was last year that we weren’t able to celebrate your birthday. I am even more sad today because you will never be able to celebrate it, neither with me nor with your family or someone else. I miss you more than anyone can imagine. I will never forget you and the good times we had together. You will be always in my heart, and I will love you forever.
Your Baby,
Nicole of Friedberg, Germany

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