On the Road Again

housands of years ago a gigantic boulder rolled down a mountain in southern Myanmar, but miraculously halted at the edge of a sheer cliff where it has teetered precariously ever since. It was visited by the Buddha about 500 BC, who left a hair which is enshrined as a relic in the small pagoda on top. Today Kyakitiyo, is still visited by throngs of pilgrims, who have pressed sheets of gold leaf upon it, encasing the rock with a thick golden coating.


ear Mandalay, lies the ruined city of Inwa, capitol of upper Myanmar for 400 years in the 14th century. We arrived at the ferry dock before dawn and convinced the boatman to began early so as to reach Inwa at sunrise. Just as the early light touched the beautiful brick and stucco balcony of Maha Aung Mye Bosan, a young female noviate hurriedly passed by.


Kyakitiyo, Myanmar Inwa, Myanmar

Images ©2001 Jon Ortner