On the Road Again

Image ©2001 Jon Ortner

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or more than 25 years, photographer Jon Ortner has been devoted to exploring the wonders of the most haunting and mystical regions on earth–spiritual Asia and the ancient lands of the Himalaya. His life has been divided between the demands of his studio in New York City and his adventures on expedition in the East.

He has published two books, Manhattan Dawn and Dusk, and Sacred Places of Asia. His Cambodia images will appear in Angkor, Kingdom of the Khmer due out in spring 2002, and he has just finished the photography for an upcoming book on Myanmar. When in New York he works for numerous architectural and corporate clients.

His images can also be frequently seen in magazines such as GEO, Travel & Leisure, and Architectural Digest. In addition to his extensive knowledge of eastern philosophy, Jon is a naturalist and skilled mountaineer. He continues to pursue his lifelong passion for the documentation of vanishing cultures, and his explorations of the most dramatically scenic and physically challenging places in the world.