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Arnold Newman, in portraying artists, writers, actors, composers, politicians in his unique style—placing the subject in a carefully composed setting to capture the essence of their work and personality—has become one of the world's most renowned portrait photographers.
Joel Meyerowitz: "It's no different for me, photographing on the beaches of Cape Cod or photographing at the World Trade Center. I don't use my eye first. I use whatever senses I have developed to understand that I feel some kind of emotion.... I try to go to the place where the feeling is the strongest."
Steve McCurry, well-known for his mesmerizing portrait of a young Afghan refugee girl taken at the Pakistan border in the mid-Eightys. McCurry has since covered many areas of international and civil conflict.
Jerry Uelsmann, master of the photo montage and pioneer of photo manipulation in the darkroom. Uelsmann, who has been exploring, and pushing, the boundaries of photographic medium for over 40 years, experiments with complex multiple prints, negative imagery and other techniques to convey his personal vision.
Dennis Reggie has been described as the finest wedding photographer of his generation. His unique style combines the very best elements of reportage, portraiture and social documentary.
A gallery of 22 compelling portraits from celebrated photographer Joyce Tenneson's most recent book, Light Warriors. With this series of images, Tenneson continues her journey to find her own deeper essence by documenting the quest of other spiritual warriors, all of whom she describes as friends who arrived from many directions.
John Sexton's contemplative and majestic images of the natural and man-made landscape have been delighting and intriguing people for more than 30 years. Originally, he started out as assistant and technical consultant to Ansel Adams, one of the great figures of 20th Century photography, and is now recognized in his own right, as a master photographer, print maker, workshop instructor and lecturer.
An exploration of the life and art of one of England's most famous photographers of the past four decades: David Bailey. This "revolutionary" photographer's true fame lies in his photographic creations, images that move effortlessly from fashion photos for British and American Vogue to "intimate, almost friendly" portraits of celebrities and rock stars to street photography à la William Klein and Robert Frank.
A glimpse into the extraordinary life and work of renowned American artist Gordon Parks, who, at 88, has managed to do it all—including writing poetry, and composing and performing piano music—quite masterfully. Having worn many creative hats during his lifetime, Parks's uplifting message of hope in the face of adversity continues to carry through in whatever he does.
Hailed as one of the finest fashion, figural and portrait photographers, Victor Skrebneski has trained his camera and his unerring eye on the world's most beautiful, celebrated and accomplished individuals.
Pete Turner is one of the masters of color photography. In his 40-year career, Turner has traveled the world shooting ad campaigns, photo essays and personal projects, and has recently completed a book, Pete Turner African Journey, to be published by Graphis.
Eric Meola has for more than two decades been a commercial shooter and created some of the world's most recognizable and striking advertising images. Taking a new direction with project called "Last Places on Earth" Meola has brought his personal vision to some of the most far-flung locales on earth - Ethiopia, Niger, Papua New Guinea, Burma and Cambodia - sharing with the world places and events rarely witnessed by outsiders.
Humanity in Transition is work by Sebastio Salgado from a six-year documentary project of population movements. It is currently being published in magazines around the world and will be published as a book in April by APERTURE in the U.S., and other publishers overseas.
Kodak and PDN are honored to present the passionate work of Richard Avedon. In this unique offering of Avedon's work, preview an excerpt of his new book "The Sixties" published by Random House and Kodak Professional. Experience a photographic and oral history of the personal and political crises of a supercharged era.
Admired and respected in both commercial and fine art worlds, photographer Rodney Smith is a master of both vision and technique. Working exclusively in black and white, his images present an elegant marriage of style and proportion, order and design, humor and wit. A champion of traditional values, Smith's photographs rekindle the drama of black and white photography and return us to a world of simple beauty and timeless grace.
Howard Schatz is a photographer who works almost exclusively with people. From newborns to pregnant mothers, from dancers and athletes to homeless people, the human family is his passion.
Renowned in fashion and celebrity circles, Douglas Kirkland's pictures have at once both defined and pierced the realm of Hollywood glamour. His often daring and always beautiful images have, for more that four decades, raised the standard by which all celebrity pictures are measured.
Joe McNally is an award winning freelance photographer who shoots assignments for magazines, advertising agencies and graphic design firms in the US and abroad. Joe has been described as one of the most versatile photojournalists working today whose images are like windows to the world.
His career began photographing rock concerts in the 1960's and since then Greg Gorman has demonstrated a bold ability to work in fine art, advertising and editorial arenas. A creative force for more than 30 years.
Photographer Howard Bingham often refers to himself as the "Forest Gump" of photojournalism because he just keeps "popping up as history is being made." His most cherished accomplishment: being the photo-biographer of boxing legend Muhammad Ali.
Using a distinctive mix of journalistic and surrealistic techniques, advertising photographer David LaChapelle won the 1997 International Center of Photography's Infinity Award and the 1996 VH1 Fashion Award for Photographer of the Year.
Widely regarded as one of the world's great sports shooters, photojournalist Heinz Kluetmeier's images have redefined what a great sports photograph is all about. Frequently placing cameras where none have gone before, his images often surprise, always inspire.
Christopher Morris belongs to what is surely one of the exclusive--and demanding--clubs in all of photography: he is a war photographer. From the streets of Bosnia to the sands of the Persian Gulf, Morris constantly risks his own life to document the darker side of the human condition.
One of the true originals in the world of photography, commercial and fine-arts shooter Duane Michals uses the medium to examine his own existence. Michals' photographs are haunting, funny and explore beyond reflections of light.
Dutch-born photographer Hans Neleman integrates a curious blend of sculptural and photographic technique to create images that startle the eye and delight the imagination. His pictures draw little distinction between personal and commercial work: in his eyes, they are one.

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