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Heinz Kluetmeier

Shot With E200


Nagano 1998

    In addition to the visual impact of a shot, weather and lighting obviously plays a major roll in choosing film. But because sports photographers are often photographing under radically different lighting conditions from one day - or even one hour - to the next, matching the film to the light source is always an important concern.

"The more light you have...the more options you have in terms of shutter speeds and film quality," says Kluetmeier. "So the light situation impacts on your film choice. But the nicest opportunity is when you can use anything you want."

With more and more sports being shifted from natural light to indoor stadiums and arenas, photographers often have to carry one film for outdoor work and others for inside work.

"That's changed recently. Kodak just came out with a great new film called KODAK PROFESSIONAL EKTACHROME Film E200 which looks great in normal bright sunlight and pushes well to two-and-a-half stops, even three stops," says Kluetmeier. "If I want transparencies as my final product, that would be the film I would take."

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Ice dancing competition, Olympics, Nagano, Japan, 1998

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