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Art Director: Bronson Smith
Computer Imaging: Bob Bowen

In his 20-year commercial career, Meola has photographed some of the most memorable campaigns in advertising--though not all started out on an entirely promising note. Approached to photograph a Johnny Walker campaign based on the beauty of his landscape work and his knowledge of computer imaging, Meola strongly believed the locations and models should be shot separately and composited in post production--the client disagreed and he realized he would almost certainly lose a major campaign. "It was a hard battle and I realized at a certain point that I had lost the battle," he recalls.

He decided though that the success of the ads was more important than who shot them: "I went up to see them and said, 'I want you to know that whoever you hire, you should insist on shooting the models separately.' And that was it, I walked out." Two days later the client called and told him he had the job.