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Christopher Morris

Chechan Soldier, 1995

A Chechen soldier runs from the destroyed Presidential Palace before it was taken over by Russian soldiers, 1995


    While you might think that the immediate tasks of staying alive, getting close to the action and getting technically good images would be enough of a chore, Morris says he tries also to be concerned with adding visual flair to his images.

"I like (my shots) clean and neat," he says, "but I don't want it too clean and neat. I get criticized by people in the business who say that I try to emulate TV too much. I try to use too much motion, too much blur. But I like motion and blur - I want the viewer to feel like they're there."

He recalls one shot of a Chechen running out of the front door of the palace during a battle where he inadvertently used a "zooming" technique where the focal length of his 20 to 35mm zoom lens was shifted during a slow shutter-speed exposure. It wasn't an effect he planned to use, he says.

"At that moment that's the most dangerous place on earth. I'm not sitting there saying, 'Oh, I'm going to shoot slow shutter speeds and I'm going to zoom it!" he explains. "You're just shooting."

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